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 lolpaul BEDROCK posted Dec 30, 15

Hey guys!

I've updated the Forums with a new "Idea & Suggestions" section!

You can create threads in each of these sections based on what type of suggestion you have and we will be taking them under great consideration!

I have also added a "News & Announcements" section for Nick and I to post important information in!

Additionally, I am now officially the Lost Nations Forum Manager! I will be helping out with keeping the forums updated and clean, managing the reports and ban appeals and discussing each one with Nick. If the server grows, I may be adding members on the server to help me out called "Forum Moderators"!

Next, if you join the Enjin site or the TeamSpeak, you can private message me through here or poke me through TeamSpeak and I will get you your donator rank! (If you are a donator)

Next, if you are interested in building maps for the server, you can go to this link to learn more about our new build team!

More details on all of this can be found here!

Thanks guys!

_TheBlackPanther But I am super excited for you, and I am glad the server is making a comeback

1.9 Snapshot Server

Nick 0212 OWNER posted Jul 31, 15

There's a 15w31c snapshot server running at snapshot.lost-nations.net. Snapshot servers are development version of vanilla(regular) minecraft that Mojang releases. It's a development version, you should expect to be buggy! Don't build anything you want to keep. The map could be reset at any time! It's just to check out the latest blocks, items, and mobs. To use a snapshot version check the box next to "Enable experimental development versions" in step 2 of this guide. Then select the version named "snapshot 15w31c".

Town Jails

Nick 0212 OWNER posted May 15, 15

Towny has added town jails! Check out this forum post for details on how it works.

Donation Shop Changes

Nick 0212 OWNER posted Aug 13, 14
To comply with Mojang's EULA all kits have been removed from the donation shop. This includes the kits that were with the ranks. 

Steam Games

Nick 0212 OWNER posted May 28, 14
I've been play some Steam games lately. I think it would be fun to expand the Lost Nations community to include other games. I've created a group on steam- Lost Nations Gaming. If you play steam games or want to, join our group so we can see how many people are interested. We could easily host some servers for events.